Continuing Success - National Water Dance 2016!

National Water Dance 2018, our second bi-annual celebration of water through the artistry of dance, brought together 26 states and over one hundred institutions from professionals to preschoolers. To celebrate is “to bring attention to” and that is the goal of National Water Dance, engaging audiences as well as artists in the environmental issues of their communities. Dancers, musicians, poets, visual artists around the US joined in a simultaneous performance at 4:00PM EST on April 16. Dancing in fountains in Los Angeles, on the Salt Flats of Utah, in streams in Iowa and Vermont, dancers performed choreography unique to their location with common phrases created and shared via the Internet. National Water Dance is a bridge to the environment through dance and a bridge across the United States in activating our common goal of protecting our waters.

National Water Dance 2016 - 1

National Water Dance 2016 - 2

National Water Dance 2016 - 3

National Water Dance 2016 - 4

National Water Dance 2016 - 5

“This was a wonderful experience for Malashock Dance and the San Diego community. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate and for all of the work you are doing to bring us all together for such a relevant and timely cause.”
Lara Segura, Malashock Dance, San Diego, CA

“The experience was amazing, and I am moved and ready to connect and create dances and community projects about water and the need of community building in our nation.”
Christina Castro-Tauser, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness about water, and to come together as a community.”
Joellen Wjtowicz, Chattanooga Ballet, TN

“It was a ‘goosebump’ event. We had little children in the fountain trying to copy the dancers, elementary dance teachers with babies on their chest and middle and high school students participating. It was the first time they had all come together in this big old district of ours. Just a great, great event!”
Shana Habel, Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

“The fact that something like this was going on in so many different states felt quite breathtaking and in the same breath was humbling to be a small part of the big picture.”
Danella Bedford, Conchita Espinosa Academy, Miami, FL

With great appreciation to all of our Kickstarter contributors:

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