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  National Water Dance 2014 was a Huge Success!

With over 1200 dancers, 80 institutions and 26 states involved in National Water Dance 2014 the event was a huge success. At 4:00pm EST dancers across the country began their dance at lakes, bays, oceans, rivers, on bridges, next to streams, in fountains and due to lightning even in a studio with glasses of water carefully placed around for dipping hands. They were elementary school students, middle school, high school, college and university dancers as well as students from private studios and professional dancers. Sharing phrases of movement brought the sense of community to the performance, while the uniqueness of each location and of each group of dancers was the defining element of the event. All of this was shared through live streaming to many more people than were able to attend the performances.

National Water Dance 2014 -1

National Water Dance 2014 -2

National Water Dance 2014 -3

National Water Dance 2014 -4

“I was aware of water scarcity, but I didn’t realize how much of an impact it had, not only in one specific place but nationally and globally.”
Gaby Rosario, New World School of the Arts College Division

“It was an awesome experience, seeing dancers from around the nation come together for a cause.”
Brianna Penichet, South Miami Middle Community School

"I loved being a part of the National Water Dance Project!"
Dianne Brakarsh, Madison, WI

"I want to thank Dance Engagements of Los Angeles for extending their invitation to my dance company, this was an amazing event full of love and artistry!"
Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez, Los Angeles, CA

“Clear bay water on a fine sunny day serves as backdrop as we watch inspired young people celebrate, dance and share their understanding of our interconnectedness to this core and fragile, powerful foundation –- water -- of all life as we know it.”
Colleen Ahern-Hettich, Director Earth Ethics Institute, Miami Dade College

Participants of the 2014 Event
NWD 2014 Participants