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Water Dance Poems and Odes

These poems and odes were written by participating students for National Water Dance 2016. They were recited alongside the performance, bringing yet another artistic dimension to the larger event.


Not a Drop to Drink
Samantha Hugar, Mercyhurst University

The chilly creek hums
as it glides over pebbles and stones,
eroding their rough edges, smoothing
layers of built-up sediment
into polished, refined rock—
flattened to fit a child’s hand
and skip over the water’s crystalline
shoals with a flick of his wrist.

Before resting on fallen twigs,
birds flutter from towering trees
to bathe in the gently-flowing brook.
Beneath the leaf-strewn surface,
warmed by the sunlight’s gold rays,
hide silver fish and yellow-toed frogs
that ripple the mirrored glass.

In my hands I hold a faded polaroid,
a snapshot of a lost place.
Smudged date scrawled in slanted writing
in the white beneath the captured scene—
Only now remains a dried stream bed.

Megan Pacileo, Mercyhurst University

Orange leaves caught in the breeze
and wind tugging at my hair.
In the bay, the water dances,
throwing shades of green and blue
as it ripples in the gust.
Soon the trees
will be bare
and the lake frozen.
But for today,
the wind is in my hair
and the sun catches
on the crests of the waves.


Ode to Water
A collaborative poem by Cutler Bay Middle School students

Wavy, jumpy water
round with ducks
swimming over green-blue surfaces
All types of people are swimming,
jumping, fishing and splashing.
Couples on romantic boat rides.
The lake says: “Keep going,
go, go, flow with me into the sea.”

Ode to Oceans
Tony, Cutler Bay Middle School

Flying up to the sun, falling through
the air like leaves falling from the tree branches,
rain jumps off of the umbrellas onto the ground
cold as the frozen pole, warm as water sweat
as the body movement moves from the pores
running through pipes out from sinks,
sipping water from the water bottle, tastes
like it’s healthy for the body, this is the life of the ocean.

Ode to the Beach
Mia, Cutler Bay Middle School

Yellow sand, blue waves.
The water is so wavy, so wavy
it looks like the spikes of a boy’s mohawk.
It feels like I am taking a vacation.
It feels like peace and quiet and making
a sand castle with my mom.

Ode to the Ocean
Justin, Cutler Bay Middle School

It’s softy wave, calm
is blue.
I get in the ocean
and feel like I’m going
into the world of donuts.
It has fish made of donuts
and shark friends.

Ode to Snow
Giovanni, Cutler Bay Middle School

Sprinkle all around
white circles
It feels nice
Making snowballs
with my friends

Ode to the Ocean
Zamare, Cutler Bay Middle School

“I am warm, wide, I need someone to jump in.”
I jump in.  
I see urchins and starfish.
I taste salt.

Ode to the Ocean
Author Anonymous, New World School of the Arts

What is your mood today dear friend?
Will you match the thunder’s chaos
Will you join the wind’s abandon
No one can predict you
Continue to try they will

Your anger is a catalyst
sends danger, fear, worry
At the same time
Somewhere miles away
You greet those lucky ones
With a calm and caring smile

Ode to Snow
Abraham, New World School of the Arts

The unknown form you are
tales of your frigid bite
your soft touch.
I hope to cross your path
protected in a fog of warm clothing
to touch your small crystals
and experience your cold kiss
unlike my friend from the volcanic crater
Those dark black rocks and sounds
surrounded by miles of mountains
How familiar I am
a long friendship
estranged nonetheless.
Your comfortable flow
I hope to do the same with you, snow.

Sydney, New World School of the Arts

Disbursement of both water and self, only truly becoming known in the depths of the open water. The unknown canvas that is liquid body surrounds the limbs, caressing, exploring. Penetrating the mind as a forced evoked from full embodiment. Natural Fear arises taking over all remaining portions of human agility. Caressing, exploring, caressing, exploring.

Author Anonymous, New World School of the Arts

That thing that nags at your insides.
You need it all the time.
          Sporadically isn’t sufficient.
You depend on it like a crutch.
          Its lack thereof would cause you to crumble.
After a long day without it
          Your body starts to withdraw
Your mind starts to race
Hands shake
          Eyes demand its sight.
                       You give in,
          Plunge forward,
And your lips taste the water.

Ode to Snow
Isabella, New World School of the Arts

Each flake, slowly building,
dark clouds surround, caving in
until a pink of light starts to break
through a new idea growing
It’s like you can feel a sip
of hot tea flowing through your body
the way the sunlight hits your skin.
It gets brighter and warmer, slowly
that feeling goes away
as the fluffy snow turns sloppy slush dark
gray and smelly getting in your boots
making your socks wet. Suddenly
there is an overwhelming happiness
that starts but you are broken
from the cold and water free flowing.

But What About Tears?
Shayla, New World School of the Arts

My face becomes wet
Tears streaming from my eyes
and dripping down my cheeks
into the crest of my lip
I wipe and wipe at them
But they’ve made up their mind
They’ll cease
But when they’re ready
And so as I slump over the gray
cloud emerging above me
I wonder whether my trickling salty tears
could one day grow up
to become a massive ocean
Grow up to become something better
than sadness
Sometimes bigger than my selfish
need to shed these lost drops
So yes I continue to sob
Not because I’m overwhelmed with
But because I’m overwhelmed
With serenity
Serenity of the ocean

Carolina, New World School of the Arts

looking at the white matte cap that bounds
ounces of water particles
the glistening ocean picks up the tears
from above.
the animals, the people, the land await
for more to come
but nothing else will come because we are
gone away from this land

A collaborative poem by Kindergarten Students at Poinciana Park Elementary School

Salty smelling water tastes like seaweed.
Blue, white, green stretching out in front of us.
Sharks hunt for food. Octopus tentacles move.
We are walking by the shore and feeding the white birds.