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  • This project is a collaboration between the Dance Department and the Humanities and Sciences Department at Cornish College of the Arts, involving instructors from both departments and first-year dance majors enrolled in Compositional Practices.

    We are working with the dancers to create a site-specific, structured improvisational dance piece that will grow out of shared readings, discussion, reflection, and movement experimentation on the theme of water and its movement through the environment.  The performance location is at Lake Union Park, in the downtown Seattle area (near our campus).













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    The mission of Cornish College of the Arts is to provide students aspiring to become practicing artists with an educational program of the highest possible quality, in an environment that nurtures creativity and intellectual curiosity, while preparing them to contribute to society as artists, citizens, and innovators.

    We encourage students to exchange ideas, experiment and find their unique artistic voices and share them with us in ways both innovative and traditional. We offer a distinctive blend of visual and performing arts grounded in a core curriculum of humanities and sciences. We also strive to serve as a focal point in the community for public presentation, artistic criticism, participation and discussion of the arts.

    Cornish is a small, four-year college with 800 students in degree programs and another 150 in preparatory classes. We offer a Bachelor of Music degree and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in art, dance, design, music, performance production and theater. We are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

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