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  • Knox College is a four-year coeducational private liberal arts college located in Galesburg, Illinois, United States, and is a community of individuals from diverse backgrounds challenging each other to explore, understand and improve ourselves, our society and our world. The commitment to put learning to use to accomplish both personal and social goals dates back to the founding of the College in 1837. We take particular pride in the College's early commitment to increase access to all qualified students of varied backgrounds, races and conditions, regardless of financial means.


    The Knox College Dance Program promotes the study of contemporary dance as an artistic and intellectual endeavor. The Dance Minor consists of course work in dance technique, dance theory, dance history and creative practice, ensuring that students engage with dance as a performing art which impacts and reflects historical, social, political, and artistic contexts. The mission of the Dance Program is to encourage the development of an artistic practice, which utilizes dance technique, choreography, and performance to promote the critical exchange of interdisciplinary ideas in a collaborative artistic environment.

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