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  • Centered around the art of dance, The D’amby Project offers technical classes in both traditional Irish dance and Contemporary dance. Students meet anywhere from one day a week to five days a week, depending on the individual schedules of each student. We know life can be busy! And we want you to have the flexibility that you desire when becoming a member of the project!

    Here at the Project, we host what we like to call, “freeflow sessions” which are highly advanced sessions of choreography and creation. In these sessions, each dancer hones in on their skills, perfecting their own art. Each dancer contributes to the sequences and choreography that is built, and then each dancer is encouraged to perform, with full credit to their work. We also host in equal ratio, technical classes, where we focus on the very demanding and rigorous technique that Irish dance demands, and do many drills of different movements both in the Irish and Contemporary realm.

    Additionally, The D’amby Project hosts monthly workshops with a master in a particular field, to further the education of the students and develop their skills on working with teachers who are not their own.

    The D’amby Project is at its core, a place where one can come to feel safe, challenged, nurtured, and above all, inspired.

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