Dance Activism in New Mexico!

  • Read what's happening with Keshet Dance and the New Mexico Water Collaborative for National Water Dance 2018!


    Representing the water crisis in New Mexico, Keshet Dance has partnered with the New Mexico Water Collaborative to show movement in a specific location that celebrates the collaboration between various stakeholders to install an onsite wastewater treatment system and reusing the recycled water to support an urban green space.


    Yvette Tovar, Executive Director, New Mexico Water Collaborative (NMWC) says, "We live in an arid climate with a new normal of less snow in the winter, less rain and hotter temperatures in the summer. We have a responsibility to conserve, recycle, and reuse water. Projects like Mill Pond Refuge demonstrate viable solutions to water scarcity in our state."


    Keshet Dance Company and Keshet Pre-Professional dancers will join over 100 other professional dance companies, colleges and universities, private dance schools, elementary, middle and high schools, across the nation uniting to take responsibility for protecting our Water.


    The Mill Pond Refuge treatment system recycles 2000 gallons daily of toilet flushing water. All communities have a responsibility to use water efficiently. In Bernalillo County approximately 60% of water usage is for outdoor landscapes.


    “The Keshet Dance and New Mexico Water Collaborative partnership highlights that we are all the solution to issues of water scarcity. Think about how much fresh water is pumped for your showers, toilets, laundry, cooking, landscapes etc. Think about opportunities to capture rainwater for reuse in your landscapes. Think about how much water your washing machine or toilet uses!” Silva Laukkanen, Keshet Adaptive/ Integrated Dance Director and National Water Dance participant said.