National Water Dance Travels to Puerto Rico

  • Over the last weekend in February, representatives from organizations National Water Dance, Pedestrian Wanderlust, and Tercera Ola convened in Puerto Rico in order to create spontaneous dance videos inspired by the local environment.


    Pedestrian Wanderlust is a movement movement of improvised dance in public spaces. Through their video portrait series and free public dance jams, they are committed to inspiring others to explore creative movement and bringing communities together to share in the joy of dance. National Water Dance and Pedestrian Wanderlust are collaborating to create spontaneous dance videos at water sites all over the country leading up to the national event on April 14, 2018.


    During just three days, Pedestrian Wanderlust filmed in three locations that spanned the island of Puerto Rico, including Old San Juan, Peñuelas, and Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla. National Water Dance collaborated with Tercera Ola, a Puerto Rican-based nonprofit organization that is committed to health and sustainability through creative community engagement. The organization, founded by Camille Imilse Arroyo, will be participating in the National Water Dance 2018 event.


    Dale Andree, Founder and Director of National Water Dance, said “what stood out to me the most in our Puerto Rican visit was the integration of the environment into the choreographic processes that the dancers were working with. The dance was really an extension of their awareness and concern for the island.” She was also impressed to see how quickly and organically a sense of community was created through this experience, and how well it supported National Water Dance’s mission and work. “Puerto Rico is a beautiful island and my hope is that this is just the beginning of the hands-on connection that we can continue to make with communities all around the US and our neighbors.”


    National Water Dance, Pedestrian Wanderlust, and Tercera Ola were joined by dancers from the MayaWest Dance Project during the filming that took place on Crash Boat Beach. Camille reflects that “this work truly means a lot to me, so I made sure we could give a voice to some of the most pressing environmental issues in Puerto Rico. I originally selected Peñuelas as a site because of the ongoing dumping of toxic ash, and Playuela due to a proposed project that would decimate a vast amount of ecosystem, but in coming together with MayaWest Dance Project, we magically ended up improvising at Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla. I was the only one that had seen that iconic beach before and after Hurricane Maria, and the erosion, plus rise of the ocean was so apparent that it left me speechless.”


    The spirit of this collaboration can be summed up by these words from Camille of Tercera Ola: “This trip was an example of the essence of National Water Dance, a collective of beings that initially make contact online to unite and create work that raises awareness of our water systems. The online community then transcends into the physical manifestation of a collective, seamlessly dancing together to express that we are one powerful body of water.”


    National Water Dance will be sharing promo clips from Puerto Rico, and other locations such as Madison, Wisconsin, and Miami, Florida, on our website in the coming weeks.


    More information about the organizations involved can be found here:

    National Water Dance Facebook: nationalwaterdance Instagram: nationalwater_dance

    Pedestrian Wanderlust Facebook & Instagram: pedestrianwanderlust

    Tercera Ola Facebook & Instagram: terceraolapr

    MayaWest Dance Project Facebook: mwdanceproject