Listening to the Sea: the Croatian Water Organ

  • Alongside the sea in Zadar, Croatia, tourists and locals alike have the opportunity to hear the ocean playing music. Thanks to the experimental architectural design of a 230-foot long concrete sea wall, the Morske Orgulje, or Sea Organ, delights visitors to Zadar with a hauntingly beautiful musical score provided by nature. Completely dependent upon the wind and wave patterns, the Sea Organ contains a maze of underwater tubes and channels that connect to 35 organ pipes that are tuned to various musical chords. When waves flow through the structure, musical notes spill out through the organ pipes, according to the timing and intensity of the ocean.


    What results is a 24 hour a day rhythmical and hypnotic musical performance by the sea itself. The structure, built by local architect Nikola Basic in 2005, features a set of steps leading from the sea wall down into the ocean, where visitors can sit and listen to the sounds emanating below them.


    At National Water Dance, we believe that the environment provides us with never-ending opportunities for exploring our own creative expression and our connection to the natural world. Our nation-wide movement choir events, performed in and around bodies of water, allow dancers of all ages and levels to utilize water as a catalyst for exploring movement, our relationship to water, and the most pressing environmental issues facing our diverse communities.


    The Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia, is a stunning example of the ways artists can work with the natural environment to showcase its strength, ingenuity, and boundless potential for unique and artistic expression. You can read more about the Sea Organ - and listen to the incredible music yourself - by clicking here.


    On our blog throughout the coming year, we will be highlighting artists and projects who are using the natural environment as a source of inspiration. Have an idea for an artist that should be featured? Contact us and we’ll be happy to spread the word.